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Today begins an entire month of Femmethology-related blog posts on 30 different websites. Reviews. Audio. Author interviews.

Class. Disability. Transphobia. Race. Body size. Surrogacy. Nationality. Biphobia. Economics. Sex work. Queer families. Misogyny. All of these issues and more comprise Visible: A Femmethology, the only two-volume anthology devoted to femme identity. Edited by Jennifer Clare Burke the book contains personal essays from over fifty contributors who explore what it means to be a queer femme. Award-winning authors, spoken-word artists, and totally new voices come together to challenge conventional ideas of how disability, class, nationality, race, aesthetics, sexual orientation, gender identity and body type intersect with each contributor’s concrete notion of femmedom.

More from Queer-o-mat about Femmethology soon!

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4/30. en|Gender

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