LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin calls you!

Call for workshops, exhibitions, performances, lectures, panel discussions, street actions

… for LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin 16.-19.07.2009

This year LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin formed two topic groups that each concentrate on specific subjects. With topic group 2 we want to offer a platform to reflect on structural discrimination and how norms, structures of power and racism are reproduced in different surroundings. Therefore we want to deal with discrimination by the state and mainstream society, as well as being self reflective and work on our own behavior and attitudes, re-question our figuration of inclusion/exclusion and challenge them with workshops on critical whiteness etc.

Topic group 2, as part of LaD.I.Y.fest, seeks to organize activities that will meet the needs of marginalized groups and to include them actively in the shaping of the program. We want to challenge the predominantly white western feminism which rarely engages the questions of migration and nationality, under a postcolonial perspective. We want to create a space for new voices, thinking and practices of feminism. In particular, migrant women’s voices should be heard in public space, on the issues and concerns affecting them either in Berlin, Germany or abroad elsewhere.

Therefore we try to offer a space for you to inform yourself or to give information to others, to discuss, to organize a panel and to create a synergy of ideas – offering new perspectives, and a platform to reflect. So that everybody will be able to take part, we try to make LaD.I.Y.fest barrier free.

If you are interested to offer a workshop, exhibition, performance, lecture, panel discussion or whatever action you could think about, if your ideas match the ideals of LaD.I.Y.fest and are concerned with this topic or you know somebody or a group that could do some action.

Contact: topic2[at]ladyfest[dot]net

The other topic for this year’s LaDIYfest is ‘Everyday Sexism’. We are trying to look into where sexism occurs in our everyday lives and how to deal with it. A focus will be on how to speak up against sexism and to develop counter strategies. Specifically, we want to deal with heterosexism/heteronormativity, sexism within relationships and family as well as for example in the leftwing movement. Apart from that sexism in language and the power/right of (self)definition could be further talking points.

The topics can be dealt with in workshops and lectures, but we would also like to take a more practical approach. So, if you have ideas for antisexist street actions, forms of protests or any creative, practical way to counter sexism, please let us know as well. We are open to any kind of idea.

Contact: topic1[at]ladyfest[dot]net