The Voided City

Nicolas Moulin – Vider Paris, 2001 (via) The situationist idea to let old city structures like the labyrinths of Amsterdam grow into superstructures across the whole planet with psychogeographic zones according to the needs of the inhabitants (titled “New Babylon”) was defeated by european cities being a collage of old and new. The old often…

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In the Europool

The announcement of this sunday’s Europool event by Creamcake provides insights into culture politics and funding terminology related to the cultural sector of Berlin today. Creamcake is a popular party series that has taken place in Südblock and later Ohm, featuring musicians connected to the digital sphere, which also has organised an art festival last…

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Upcoming “stuff” in Berlin

End of march exhibitions, presentations, sounds, places: Chto Delat exhibition is still on at KOW Gallery Florence Jung at Edmund Felson until the 25th Achim Szepanski/Andrzej Steinbach book presentation Ultrablack of Music 29th at Echo Books Long Now in Kraftwerk Berlin 25th-26th 28th Dead Ladies Show 23rd+24th Säule Opening at Berghain   yours, Filed under:…

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