Seminar at TU Vienna (a-theory institute) winter 2015 // »crystalline« – reasoning and argumentation with regard to »computational objects«

PHD Kolloquium Summer 2015 // Fernando Zalameo, Robert Blanché, Elias Zafiris

here is a scan of the crucial Blanché Axiomatic last 2 chapters, which have been omitted from the English translation. They contain a discussion of the implications with regard to science at large, and to philosophy at large. ..

Arché, Arcanum, and Articulation. What is at stake with the notion of the universal ?

CONTENTS 0 précis I Genericness as the symbolical body of reciprocity Enunciating the universal Universal text, generic code, pre-specific data Ada Lovelace, the Enchantress of Numbers Algebraic Paradigms II Lemmata in how to theorise the universal while remaining neutral on matters of believe Lemma 1: Universality in terms of objectivity Lemma 2: Universality in terms ...