Course Curricula

Lecture Course at TU Vienna (a-theory institute) winter 2015 // from form to spectrum – the »computational object« in design and in philosophy

The notion of »the object« reveals itself currently in a novel manner that not only produces powerful pragmatic tactics and protocols (e.g. parametrics, agent-based modeling) as well as the aesthetics of a »geometry of the colossal« (Peter Sloterdijk), but it also enriches and complicates the philosophical spectrum of how possibilities and necessities can be reasoned, established, augmented, preserved or exploited. The … Continue reading

An Architectonics of Crystallization

This is the new program for the theory modules I am teaching at the Master of Advanced Architecture Program “Architecture and Information” at CAAD, ETH Zürich. “Over several centuries, from the Greeks to Kant, a revolution took place in philosophy: the subordination of time to movement was reversed, time ceases to be the measurement of … Continue reading