Seminar at TU Vienna (a-theory institute) winter 2015 // »crystalline« – reasoning and argumentation with regard to »computational objects«

Lecture Course at TU Vienna (a-theory institute) winter 2015 // from form to spectrum – the »computational object« in design and in philosophy

The notion of »the object« reveals itself currently in a novel manner that not only produces powerful pragmatic tactics and protocols (e.g. parametrics, agent-based modeling) as well as the aesthetics of a »geometry of the colossal« (Peter Sloterdijk), but it also enriches and complicates the philosophical spectrum of how possibilities and necessities can be reasoned, established, augmented, preserved or exploited. The ...

PHD Kolloquium Summer 2015 // Fernando Zalameo, Robert Blanché, Elias Zafiris

here is a scan of the crucial Blanché Axiomatic last 2 chapters, which have been omitted from the English translation. They contain a discussion of the implications with regard to science at large, and to philosophy at large. ..

An Architectonics of Crystallization

This is the new program for the theory modules I am teaching at the Master of Advanced Architecture Program “Architecture and Information” at CAAD, ETH Zürich. “Over several centuries, from the Greeks to Kant, a revolution took place in philosophy: the subordination of time to movement was reversed, time ceases to be the measurement of ...