PHD Kolloquium Summer 2015 // Fernando Zalameo, Robert Blanché, Elias Zafiris

here is a scan of the crucial Blanché Axiomatic last 2 chapters, which have been omitted from the English translation. They contain a discussion of the implications with regard to science at large, and to philosophy at large. ..

PhD Colloquy Winter 2014/15 || An Untimely Nature of Communication: The Cyphered Reality of Channels

….and: The Birth of Geometry in Encryption and Deciphering–Towards a Physics of Communication. “Bacteria, fungus, whale, sequoia, we do not know any life of which we cannot say that it emits information, receives it, stores it and processes it. Four universal rules, so unanimous that, by them, we are tempted to define life but are unable to do so, because ...