Thinking as an Algebraic Mechanist

Generic Mediality – A Response to Mark B. N. Hansen’s “Speculative Phenomenology of Micro-Temporal Operations”

Hansen’s lecture and my response were held at the joint annual conference of the Society for European Philosophy and the Forum for European Philosophy, September 3-5 2014 at Utrecht University, with the annual theme: Philosophy after Nature.   Generic mediality, and the Real as the physical substance of technical criticality (gk. krinein, Ermessen). by … Continue reading

New book out: Die Nachricht, ein Medium – Generische Medialität, Städtische Architektonik

Was würde es bedeuten, die architektonische Frage darüber, wie das Wissensmögliche seine Genese, Fügung und Gliederung findet, unter genuin städtischen Vorzeichen neu zu formulieren? Medialität müsste darin eine zentrale Rolle spielen. Sie wäre der Inbegriff all dessen, was in seinem Bedeutungsgehalt vermittelt, erhalten, entwickelt und erzeugt werden kann. Mit der Inversion von Marshall McLuhans berühmten … Continue reading

Materialism Without Territory. Art and the Environment

A two-day seminar which took place on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st of May 2014 at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, which I co-organized together with Jorge Orozco for the Chair for CAAD at ETH Zurich, laboratory for applied virtuality. The event’s website with videos of the lectures is here: (click on the titles of the program below to be … Continue reading

SUMMER COURSE: A SEMINAR ON »Information Societies and the Questions of Subjectivity and Identity«

MEDIACY, COMMUNICATION AND MODERNITY This is the schedule for a seminar that is about to start for the MAS Postgraduate Course Architecture and Information at ETH Zurich. We meet once a week on Monday afternoons, in order to encode and decipher together some of the »intellectual magnitudes« that are formalized in the key vectors which constitute … Continue reading

The Body of the Cipher, or the Form of Actualization (an atomist view on computational entities that are generic in their kind).

lecture manuscript, held at the Seminar Materialism without Territory, Art and the Environment, organized by the applied virtuality theory-lab at CAAD ETH Zurich, May 29/30, at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich.   CONTENTS (1)             Slides I – V (intro to the formal context, aim and overview of the following text)  (2)             Representation versus … Continue reading

The reciprocal double-articulation of »sustainability« and »environmentality« or The mode of »insisting existence« proper to the circular.

abstract This text inquires how Louis Hjelmslev’s idea of »an algebra immanent to language« can help us to characterize discretized probability densities as a kind of »symbolic alphabeticity«. It is the manuscript for my talk at the 5th metalithikum colloquy in may 2014.   CONTENTS (1)    Introduction: The Materiality of sense, or: “capable of being … Continue reading

Zugabe. Die Geburt des Komischen – Oder: Wie das Nichts seine Authentizität durch Einkleidung erlangt

»[…] so frage dich, ob unsere Sprache vollständig ist; – ob sie es war, ehe ihr der chemische Symbolismus und die Infintesimalnotation einverleibt wurden; denn dies sind, sozusagen, Vorstädte unserer Sprache. […] Unsere Sprache kann man ansehen als eine alte Stadt: Ein Gewinkel von Gässchen und Plätzen, alten und neuen Häusern, und Häusern mit Zubauten … Continue reading

The Soul of the Universe, Fabulous Discretion, and Dis-cyphering the Being of Chance

* this is the manuscript to the paper “Serious stories around the fantastic dream of a mathesis universalis and the inception of Universal Algebra in the late 19th century” delivered at the The Common Denominator Conference, Universität Leipzig, March 21st 2014. ******************************************************************* The title of my paper announces “serious stories” around the inception of universal algebra, so let … Continue reading

Arché, Arcanum, and Articulation. What is at stake with the notion of the universal ?

CONTENTS 0 précis I Genericness as the symbolical body of reciprocity Enunciating the universal Universal text, generic code, pre-specific data Ada Lovelace, the Enchantress of Numbers Algebraic Paradigms II Lemmata in how to theorise the universal while remaining neutral on matters of believe Lemma 1: Universality in terms of objectivity Lemma 2: Universality in terms … Continue reading

New book out: EigenArchitecture – Computability as Literacy

Medializing the generic. A path out of the technological and economical excesses in contemporary architecture. A book on research and education in architecture and information technology, conceived of as philosophical interplay between two species similar in kind: neither of them is in the least disciplinal, both affect everything, and both are arts of structuring. The … Continue reading

“Die Empörung des Modells // models, outraged“ – abstract and slides of my talk at the Zhdk conference “David and Goliath – Models between art and architecture”

my talk will attempt to pick up the beautiful mentioning in the conference flyer of “models as mighty miniatures“, under the tentative title of: “Die Empörung des Modells // models, outraged“. The conference is organised by the Forschungsschwerpunkt Transdisciplinarity and the MAS Spatial Design: Florian Dombois, Stephan Trüby, Reinhard Wendler. website, flyer of the conference, another flyer … Continue reading