Out now! Queer Studies: Methodological Approaches

Das von der Amsterdam University Press herausgegebene GRADUATE JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE widmet sich in der Dezember Ausgabe den Queer Studies. Im März folgt eine zweite Ausgabe mit weiteren spannenden Artikeln.

Aus der Ankündigung:

Recent publications in queer studies point towards several directions, such as the dimension of “anti-social”-ity of “queer”, temporalities of non-normative desires, and geographies of non-Western sexualities. Clearly “there is something in the air” around these issues, which became quickly noticeable from the abstracts we have received. Problems of contextualizations of queer; the reception in non-English speaking contexts where “queer” is an empty word without history and negative connections; the impact of spatial and temporal contexts on queer formation and academic practises of story telling and a problematisation of privileges, positionality and canon setting in queer studies of today – are the hot topics.

Die Beiträge:

Mia Liinason and Robert Kulpa, Queer Methodologies?

Tiina Rosenberg,
Locally Queer. A Note on the Feminist Genealogy of Queer Theory.

Liv Mertz,
“I am what I am?”? Toward a Sexual Politics of Contingent Foundations.

Michela Baldo,
Queer in Italian-North American women writers.

Maria A. Viteri,
‘Latino’ and ‘queer’ as sites of translation: Intersections of ‘race’, ethnicity and sexuality.

Elisabeth Enbebretsen,
Queer ethnography in theory and practice: Reflections on studying sexual globalization and women’s queer activism in Beijing

Linn Sandberg,
The Old, the Ugly and the Queer: thinking old age in relation to queer theory.

Judith Halberstam,
The Anti-Social Turn in Queer Studies.