LaD.I.Y.fest Winterfest in der K9 Berlin am 17.01.2009

Aus der Ankündigung
LaD.I.Y.fest is a non-profit volunteer run Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) festival of music, art, performance and workshops organized and orchestrated by feminist activists, artists and musicians of various genders. It helps to showcase the skills and talents of a diverse group of groundbreaking feminist people working in the arts, community building and activism. It is a PARTICIPATORY festival, a community festival.

Workshops (Anmeldung/Registration: info[at]
+ 11uhr Boxen/ Boxing
+ 14uhr Schablonen/ Stencil
+ 14uhr Verschlüsselung/ Encrypting Emails
+ 16uhr Haareschneiden/ Haircutting

19uhr: Vortrag/ Lecture: streetwise feminism – feminist and lesbian street actions, street art and graffiti

21uhr: Konzert & Performance & Party:
+ Late Nights In Squat Bars (Electro / Experimental)
+ sleazy, inc. operated (Post Punk / Thrash / Grunge)
+ Kakaokatze + Geffen (GEFFEN³) (Electro Pop)
+ fingerdance (Electro Trash)
+ plüschgeknister (Minimal Techno)

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