Obituary for Heini Halberstam 1/25/2014

OBITUARY – HEINI HALBERSTAM, 9/11/1926 – 1/25/2014 Heini Halberstam, beloved husband of Doreen Halberstam, father of Naomi, Judith, Lucy, Michael, Jean and John, grandfather of eight, died peacefully in his sleep on January 25, 2014 after a short illness in Champaign, IL. He was 87. Halberstam, a mathematician known for his work with prime numbers, […]


UC BERKELEY WOMEN AND GENDER STUDIES COMMENCEMENT SPEECH “BLAZING FORWARD” THIS IS THE TEXT OF A SPEECH I GAVE FOR UCB’S WOMEN AND GENDER STUDIES GRADUATION IN MAY 2013. ENJOY! Thank you so much for this generous invitation to speak to you today as you, the class of 2013, prepare to go out into the […]

On Pronouns

By Jack Halberstam   Every few weeks, I get an email from a colleague, a friend or a student asking me what pronoun I prefer. I mostly go by “Jack” nowadays, although people who have known me for a really long time and some family members still call me Judith. Then there are a few […]


IN A WORLD of unappeased, unabated, capitalism, it is time to manufacture, promote and embrace failure, queerly. Failure, of course, goes hand in hand with capitalism. A market economy must have winners and losers, gamblers and risk-takers, con-men and dupes; capitalism, requires that everyone live within a system that equates success with profit and failure […]